An image of a naked massage therapist to represent the common query what is nuru massage.

Are you asking what is nuru massage? At Dark Massage, our clients are often curious as to what the specifics of this popular, sensual and silky massage entails. This week, our qualified masseuses take a closer look at the nuru technique in detail, so you know exactly what to expect during your time with us.


Nuru Massage

A nuru massage is a type of sensual body to body Japanese massage in which the masseuse and client are both nude. The masseuse will usually lubricate both theirs and their clients body with a gel-based lubricant, traditionally made with nori seaweed and other natural extracts.

The word nuru actually directly translate as ‘slippery’, which refers to the technique of oiled body to body pressure – ‘slippery massage’. The slick and sliding feeling of this massage is very different to that of a classic approach. A waterproof layer is usually laid on a comfy surface before the experience begins and the full body is used to massage, rub, stroke and in some cases, arouse a client.

Although the nuru technique originates in Japan, it’s a popular around the globe because of its deeply erotic sensations, without the need for intercourse. Every part of the body is used to apply stimulating pressure to the recipient, with focus around the erogenous zones. Skin to skin contact is maintained as much as possible throughout.


The Benefits

Nuru massages are as pleasurable as they sound, offering instant results. Did you know that indulging regularly can also have long-term benefits? Just some of these include:

  • Better overall cognitive function
  • Decrease in stress and anxiety levels
  • Encourages better sleep
  • Encourages blood circulation
  • Increased emotional awareness
  • Improved mental and physical health
  • Taking an active interest in your wellbeing
  • A better awareness and understanding of your body
  • Deeper knowledge of intimacy
  • A better sex life

Importantly, each of the above points align to allow us to function better in both a personal and professional capacity.


Our Nuru Massage

So, what is nuru massage like at Dark Massage? If you’re craving body-to-body touch, this is the massage for you. Nuru is known for being the most physical massage there is because it’s purely based on the body to body massage technique. If you haven’t already guessed, this massage is very intimate, close-up and personal, with a slow and sensual build-up.

The Dark Massage nuru massage begins by having a shower with your masseuse; we encourage you to get to know her body before your journey starts. As you relax and lay down, your professional masseuse will prepare her oils and gels and begin to soothe your body with her hands, to start with. Using various massage techniques, she will transition seamlessly into body to body massage, using every part of her physique to achieve the different pressures and sensations your body needs.

We encourage you to close your eyes and succumb to the feeling of your therapist’s curves sliding up, down and across your body. She will use her full weight, her elbows, knees, back, hips, breasts and more to help you achieve a full release of tension.

Erotic massage, like Nuru, has a lot of potential for exploration once youre comfortable and know what feels good for you. You can even try this with two masseuses for the ultimate body to body experience. Here, two of our female professionals will work to bring you to an erotic peak. We also offer extras that you can add to your tantric massage package. These include:

  • Allure Mistress – adding an element of dominance to your massage.
  • Allure Royal – summon your masseuse to fulfil your deepest desires.
  • Dreamgirl – let your masseuse incorporate your roleplay fantasies during your time together.
  • Prostate Massage


Discover Our Nuru Massage in London

Still asking what is nuru massage? Well, there’s only one way to find out… Whether you’re after an incall or outcall service, Dark Massage can accommodate whatever is most comfortable for you! For more information on our hours and prices, click here, or you can always head over to our FAQs page.

Our nuru massage therapists are ready and waiting to give you an erotic experience that you’ll never want to end. Simply fill out our contact form, or call us on +447903812969 to experience ultimate pleasure whenever you need it most.