An image of a woman massaging a foot to highlight the best pressure points for sensual massage.

Feeling tense after a long week? A sensual massage is exactly what you need, trust us. At Dark Massage, we offer professional erotic massages by qualified female masseuses. Our skilled therapists know just how to alleviate pent up stress and tension through pressure point relief and body to body massage. Considering your options? Here, we discuss the art of pressure point massage and how this can benefit you.


Laying the Foundations

When we stress and are anxious, a massage allows time to ourselves to physically and mentally destress. Things gives us the chance to process our current state of mind and welcome new feelings and emotions that ultimately, aid in a better quality of life.

Regular professional massages instil that self-care time. They also help us to feel more comfortable with sexual scenarios and our receptiveness towards intimacy. A massage can lay the foundations for amazing one to one time with your partner. Afterall, good sex really starts with feeling relaxed and comfortable.


The All-Important Build Up

Knowing where you like to be touched and similarly, where you could touch your partner plays a huge part in your ability to be in the moment and overall, maximise pleasure. Certain pressure points can really enhance a sensual massage and quickly open your mind and body to new possibilities, helping to dissolve mental or emotional blockages.


Head Massage

(Around the top of the head and above the ears – DU20)

With our hectic day to day lives, we are all guilty of putting too much pressure on ourselves. Our brains are constantly ‘switched on’ and this can get in the way of us being present, foreplay, taking time for sensuality and sex. Massaging around the top of the head, above the ears (DU20) will help to calm the overwhelmed mind and allows a balanced blood flow to move around the body.


Foot and Ankle Massage

(Bottom of the foot, about a third of the way down – K11)

The foot is considered one of the most important points in pressure massage. The foot contains around 7,000 nerve endings that correspond to every organ and system. This makes them highly sensitive and can trigger powerful ripples of pleasure throughout the body!

Massaging the bottom of the foot, around the instep (K11) balances anxious energy in the body, whilst simultaneously promoting an increase in blood flow to the core of the body. Additionally, the ‘Snake and Heel’, under the anklebones on either side can stimulate sex organs when rubbed together.


Shoulder and Neck Massage

(Top of shoulder/trap muscle – GB21)

Access this pressure point by pinching the shoulder muscle with your thumb and middle finger on each side. Downward direct pressure to the top of the area should be applied at the same time as massaging, then suddenly releasing. This pressure point helps to relieve neck and shoulder pain but also directly correlates to our sex organs, enhancing sensuality for the recipient.


Back Massage

(Sea of Vitality)

Around the mid back, at elbow level and around 2 inches from the spine on either side, you’ll find the pressure point named the ‘Sea of Vitality’. Firm pressure with the hands for one to two minutes will engage the hot spots. Massaging them has calming effects and releases a lot of unwanted tension from the body. It’s the perfect start to a sensual massage.


Lower Abdomen

(Gate of Origin)

Between the belly button and pelvic bone, there is a very sensitive region, known as the ‘Gate of Origin’. This can easily be identified by the thin line of hair there around this area. Massaging here should be done so with caution as it’s very close to the reproductive organs. The area is highly sensitive and can be help to stimulate erogenous zones. Sensual touching around the Gate of Origin activates the perineum – a highly sensitive and area of arousal for men. For both sexes, the Gate of Origin offers the opportunity to nurture a sense of intimacy and ‘turn on’ all at once.


Hip Flexor

(Rushing Door and Mansion Cottage)

Where the front facing hip flexors are, are also referred to as Rushing Door and Mansion Cottage. Rubbing these sensitive pelvic points will gently encourage the flow of energy that is easily blocked by stress and pent-up frustrations. By gently pressing these pressure points for a few seconds, holding and releasing with eye contact, can help to intensify foreplay and arousal, which can lead to exciting intercourse.


Ready for Your Sensual Massage?

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