A couple trying out the best massage techniques for erotic massage at home.

Wondering what the best massage techniques to use this Valentine’s Day are? Why not treat your partner to an erotic massage at home using our tried and tested massage methods? This week, our massage professionals discuss the most effective techniques and what each one can do for you and your partner this V-Day.


Roses are Red

When we think of Valentine’s connotations, we think of flowers, chocolate and wine. It’s a day to spoil one another and the perfect opportunity to indulge and relax in a little couple’s time. Running a bath, popping open a bottle of fizz and finishing the evening with a massage is the perfect end to the night.

A sensual massage can bring you closer together, encourage romance and offer new and exciting opportunities when it comes to intimacy. Here are some of our tried and tested massage techniques to try with your partner at home.


Nuru Massage

Nuru massage is all about that intimate body-to-body touch. It’s the most physical massage there is and is purely based on b2b technique. It’s close up and personal, with a slow and sensual build up, perfect for showing appreciation this Valentine’s Day. Encourage your partner to close their eyes as you use different parts of your body to activate their pressure points. Try using your fingers, elbows, knees, back, hips, breasts and more to help achieve a full release of tension – it’s all about exploration and finding out what makes you both tick!


Tantric Touch Massage

This is the perfect introduction into the world of erotic massage at home. Tantric touch means you experience pleasure through hand to body contact via different touches and pressures all over the body. Stroke all parts of your partner’s body with your hands before applying harder pressure. Oils will allow your hands to effortlessly slide to sensitive areas, heightening sensation for your partner.


Lingam Massage

The lingam technique is one of the best massage techniques to satisfy your male partner. Stemming from tantric roots, the lingam massage primarily focuses on the penis and sexual energy around the male genitalia. We recommend asking your partner to lay on their back throughout this massage. With the lingam massage, primarily the hands are used to stimulate and massage the penis and around it. Warm oil can really intensify the sensations here. Ask your partner what feels good and mix things up using different pressures and speeds.

Although climax can happen at the end of this massage, it’s more about the sensation and release of tension and control. Take your partner to the edge of pleasure, stop and start again. Edging can make orgasm even stronger.


Yoni Massage

Exclusively for women, the yoni massage is intimate and sensual. Here is a chance for the masseuse to better understand exactly what makes your partner tick. We recommended starting soft and slow to gradually building up to deep tissue technique and finger penetration. Ask you partner what feels good and you can work together to achieve climax, if this is what you’d like. Tranquillity and understanding are key with this massage to ensure any physical tension is dispersed.


Set the Mood

For an extra romantic feel, why not light some candles or burn some incense to add ambience to the room. Using oils work best with any massage to ensure ultimate comfort and build erotic sensation as the hands and body work over the skin, tissue and muscles. Sensation is everything here and a key part of creating intimacy.

Using the best massage techniques at home is a great gateway to strengthen the bond between you and your partner. It encourages personal time, communication, an understanding of each other’s bodies and individual preferences. Overall, it plays a fundamental part in a healthier sex life and partnership.


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