An image of a woman receiving a late night massage with aromatherapy oils.

Late night massage therapy is extremely beneficial to your personal health and wellbeing. Proven to have profound effects on quality of sleep, intimacy, habitual functioning and our energy levels, massage therapy can largely enhance our day to day. This week, our qualified masseuse’s take a closer look at the advantages of taking this you time.


Lowers Stress Levels

For many, stress and anxiety are present in both our personal and professional lives. The long-term effects of prolonged stress can take a toll on our physical and mental health. Late night massage therapy ensures you’re able to take a step back from any worry and completely relax and reset your mind and body. Allowing yourself this personal time out ensures that you are able to alleviate any feelings of frustration. This helps to bring cortisol levels down, which can help you to feel more centred and able to accomplish more during the day.


Boosts Mental Health and Wellness

Mental and physical health go hand in hand. When one is down, it the other follows suit quickly. Prevention is always better than cure and massage therapy can help you to sustain a good level of mental and physical wellbeing.

Overwhelming situations and surroundings throughout the week can make it incredibly hard to switch off. Issues can easily build up and cause us to overthink. Taking time to wind down and let go of the stress we keep pent up is extremely healthy. It can help us to manage our emotions before things build up and potentially impact our mental and/or physical health.

Late night massage is the perfect way to ease the tension and escape the everyday. Let your mind focus on the simplicity of touch, sensation and stimulation.


Better Quality of Sleep

Sleep is fundamental to our quality of life. A bad night sleep can heavily impact how we feel, what we eat and what we do. Late night massage before bed sets the tone for a deeper sleep and increased REM time. Good quality of rest enables us to function at full capacity.

Our body heals and repairs itself when we are asleep. Massage therapy encourages a boosted immune system by increasing the activity level of the body’s natural ‘killer T cells’, which fight off viruses. A massage before we sleep ensures that the mind and body is fully relaxed, allows the body to repair and rejuvenate properly and promotes a focused and motivated mindset ready for the day ahead.

If you’re a frequent flyer, booking a massage after your flight can cure your jet lag, helping you to sleep away the time lost. Flying can create mental unrest, while feeling out-of-sync can often lead to troubled or interrupted sleep. Tantric massage techniques target the central nervous system and the pineal gland, which increases the production of melatonin, an essential for a healthy sleep-wake cycle.


Better Sex

Late night massage can improve your sex life. Intimacy is key to a healthy relationship and a good physical relationship will bring you and your partner closer together. Massage therapy will encourage you to be honest with your significant other and open up more opportunity to try new things together. Sensual and tantric massage techniques will give you a better understanding of your body and in turn, what your partner may like. You’ll also have more confidence when discussing your personal preferences and vice versa.

Furthermore, regular massages can aid in a more approachable and positive deposition, because of the increased levels of serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin in the body. These are all associated with feelings of contentment, pleasure, and physical attraction and could lead to an increase in libido and more frequent sex.


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