An image of a couple enjoying the benefits of a couples massage with Dark Massage.

At Dark Massage, we believe there’s nothing like a professional couples massage to help strengthen a relationship. An experience like this can offer instant results emotionally, physical and mentally, bringing you and your significant other closer together. If you’ve been thinking about treating your partner or are curious to try a massage experience like this together, then you’ve come to the right place! Here, our expert team discuss the many benefits that a couple’s massage can offer.



Life can feel stressful for us all at times. Whether it’s your job, relationships or even money demands, everyone has their own concerns to contend with. Overwhelming situations and surroundings can make it incredibly hard to switch off and can cause us a lot of anxiety. Taking time to wind down and let go of the stress we keep pent up is extremely healthy. In fact, it’s fundamental to our wellbeing. A couple’s massage can help to escape the everyday and is the perfect way to ease the tensions and let your mind focus on touch, sensation and stimulation.


Something New

When you’ve been with someone for a long time, things get comfortable. It’s natural for the excitement to die down, but it’s important to try new things to keep things exciting and fun! If you feel like you’re stuck in rut, mix things up! Trying something new together will bring joy, pleasure and can certainly turn up the heat between you both! A couple’s massage is an excellent way to introduce you and your partner to something different and exciting that you will both benefit from!

Beat the repetition by stepping out of your comfort zone! Sharing new experiences like this together will inject spontaneity, sensuality and passion into your relationship.



A couple’s massage can be incredibly intimate for each partner in the moment and for hours afterwards. Therapeutic and sensual massages increase the levels of serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin in the body, which are all associated with feelings of contentment, pleasure, and physical attraction. These hormones work together to lift your spirits and keep you happy long after your massage has finished. During this time, you’ll experience increased amounts of attraction and affection for your partner and even associate those sensations of calm and sensuality with each other, after the experience shared.


A Closer Bond

Having a close and trusting bond is essential to a good, healthy relationship. During a couple’s massage, we guarantee the experience will bring you closer together. The feelings you personally experience will be intensified knowing that you’re both experiencing this sensual high together. Letting down your guard and enjoying this new kind of intimacy with each other will deepen the bond you have together and encourage more trust. A massage is twice as more pleasurable when experienced with your partner and will most likely lead to a more open and intimate partnership.


Quality Time Together

We’re all guilty of coming in from the 9-5, eating dinner, watching TV, scrolling through our phones and heading to bed; only to wake up and do it all again the next day. Naturally, we can feel tired after long weeks in the office and naturally, spending time with your partner can sometimes get placed on the back burner. It’s important to make time for each other and scheduled couples massage is a steadfast way to do this. It’s something you can both look forward to, experience together and completely unwind, whilst having trained masseuses ease your mind and body together.


Couples Massage at Dark Massage

At Dark Massage, we offer our couples massage experience to those at any stage of their relationship together. Whether you’re dating, lovers or a married couple, every partnership deserves to experience this kind of intimate pleasure. It’s fundamental to our wellbeing as humans.

Watch your wife be pampered, tantalised and spoiled by a female masseuse, whilst you are also carefully pleasured. This adventurous and sensual experience will not only deepen the bond you already have but will allow you to see your partner in a completely new and unexplored way. We guarantee this will allow your relationship to reach a new height, with a positive effect on trust and intimacy.

This massage is always offered with two masseuses to please both of you and of course, you can add any extras if you wish.


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