A female masseuse at Dark Massage.

Dark massage is an ancient tantric practice providing a unique spiritual and erotic sensory experience. What is it like to be in a dark room with a gorgeous young erotic masseuse/s? We asked our clients directly.

“First Time Experience”

Mark B. wrote: I was completely new to the experience of tantric or, better to say, erotic massage. I had heard about it, but since I was married (and my mrs wouldn’t like the idea), I didn’t even think about trying it. After a couple of years and my divorce, my friends talked a lot about moving on. They encouraged me to try new things, and experiment, to get my ex-wife off my mind.

I was scrolling through google and looked at a few massage websites to start. After delving, sadly I discovered they were in fact escort agencies disguising themselves as massage parlours. I called a few more professional looking massage salons with no luck or slots that would suit me. I then found Dark Massage and rang them. The operator was pleasant and patient in explaining to me how the massage works. I arranged a time and place and got ready for my first erotic massage experience!

“Sensual, Nuru Massage”

I chose the Nuru massage as I was told I could feel my female masseuse’s body as much as possible. To my surprise the girl in the pictures looked beautiful and exactly the same when she arrived at my hotel room. After she explained step by step what is going to happen, I couldn’t resist beginning with a sensual shower together. She washed me gently and allowed me to wash her body in return. Already this was such a strong erotic experience, and I could not remember the last time I genuinely felt this good. We were in the shower for at least 15 minutes. It was so arousing and I had to hold myself back from getting ejaculating there and then.

I calmed down as we exited the shower. The masseuse asked that I head over to the bed and lay on my front, and she started to massage my legs and back. I thought it would be just light tickling, but she indulged me in sensual and deep massage. This made me relax even more. She used body to body technique and I could feel her breasts sliding across my body. God, just thinking about it now arouses me.

After turning over, I could not hold myself anymore, and I climaxed. She cleaned up and afterwards, just cuddled me, which was the perfect ending to the whole experience. Throughout the our time together, she was just so polite, patient, and super caring, which I really appreciate. I felt so nervous to try sensual massage, but I’m so glad I did.

“Attention to Detail Every Time”

Patrick O. wrote: I have had many exceptional experiences at Dark Massage. I tried many places in both London and Scandinavia prior to finding them and was never satisfied. It’s often hard to find a reputable massage parlour. I’ve found that a lot of employees won’t or can’t speak english, which makes it hard to understand their services. Trust me – do not go there, you’ll feel robbed upon leaving!

I have a couple of favourite massage parlours in London that I know are stable and provide high-quality customer service and massage – Dark Massage is one of them and the women are incredible. They completely put you at ease and even help to recommend services based on how you feel. The booking process is very easy and straightforward. The girls are mostly European and speak perfect English. Each offer something different, are very well trained and are true professionals.

I’ve met with Emily, Lily, Marylin, and Viv, and even though they all put their own little twist to the style, the quality and execution are always high quality. 

“Teased and Spoiled Next To My Wife”

Rob S. wrote: My wife and I have been married for 9 years with two kids. When we travelled to London and had a few days off, we thought we would try a couple’s erotic massage. We found Dark Massage at home, and as soon as we arrived in London, we booked in for a massage together! From the start, our experience was amazing. The girls showered with us, chatted with us, and together we laughed. It was a very chilled atmosphere, not awkward at all and the girls were just completely genuine. I won’ t go into the details of the massage, but getting teased and spoiled right next to my wife was next level. We can’t to go again!

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