Yoni massage provdided by Dark Massage.

A yoni massage is for women, although there is often some misconception about exactly what it is! This week, our qualified female therapists discuss the specifics of this powerful massage technique and how it can benefit you in just one session.


The Yoni Massage

Yoni massage is a sensual technique that involves deliberate explorative touch. Yoni is Sanskrit (ancient Indian) for vulva and translates literally to ‘sacred portal. This massage is one of the tantric practices that allow women to get to know themselves more intimately and aims to allow closer connections to form.

With its tantric roots, yoni massage is more than just erotic stimulation. It releases tension, unwanted emotion and in turn, encourages more sensitivity around the key female erogenous zone. This can encourage a better sex life and improved emotional wellbeing.


Tantric Technique for Women

Although not predominantly sexual, this massage technique can feel intimate. Before going ahead, be sure to see a qualified professional to make the experience as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

Yoni massage includes pressing and touching pressure points with the hands, finger penetration and various breathing and relaxation techniques. Most practitioners start with a full body massage to ensure the client feels tranquil and at ease prior to their experience. This female massage focuses on letting go of any emotional or physical tension in their vulva or vagina rather than orgasm (although climax can happen for some women).


Fundamental to Wellness

The yoni massage is fundamental for women’s health and wellbeing and many elements can be explored during this experience. Deep breathing, tantric touch and oil based lubrication are used to create a calm, comfortable atmosphere for the client. Just some of the benefits of this technique are:

  • Releasing tension overall
  • Reduction in anxiety
  • Improved emotional and mental wellbeing
  • Encouraging healing from past traumas
  • A better awareness and understanding of your body
  • Comfortability in your own skin
  • More sensitivity around the vulva
  • Confidence with intimacy
  • A better sex life

Regular yoni massages can help to promote these elements, which are paramount to female wellness.


Our Yoni Massage

At Dark Massage, our yoni massage has been created by women, for women! In our opinion, a professional female masseuse is the only person who can truly deliver this feminine experience in the right way. This massage is the ultimate experience for women looking to unlock a different part of themselves – as a female-led salon, we know exactly what you need.

Switch off, relax and enjoy a sensual tantric massage, using a mix of techniques from the softest touch to the deepest tissue styles. You can tell us what feels right for you and we’ll work together to achieve the results you desire. If you’d like to treat your partner to this as a gift, we also allow partners to watch whilst their loved one is being spoilt by our masseuse.


Yoni Preparation

If you’ve been thinking of indulging in a yoni massage but are feeling a bit nervous, we suggest preparing yourself for the experience. Get to know your body beforehand, so you know exactly what you feel comfortable with. Proceed slowly and carefully and listen to your body and what feels good for you – don’t rush.

Start by cupping your vulva and using the whole hand to stimulate in a gentle circular motion. Massage the vulva and then, when you’re ready, your outer and inner labia and clitoris. If you feel comfortable, insert your fingers slightly into your vaginal opening and see how this feels. Explore using different parts of the hand, different motions, directions and pressures. We would recommend touching yourself first before a professional does this, this way, you’ll know your personal boundaries and feel more confident.


Get in Touch

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Our female yoni massage therapists are ready and waiting to give you a tantric experience that you’ll never want to end. Simply fill out our contact form, or call us on +447903812969 to experience ultimate relief whenever you need it most.