An image of a women having Tantric Touch massage.

Tantric touch is a specialist massage technique that is used to unlock deep emotion and explore sensuality. When carried out by a tantric massage therapist, this tantric massage helps to instil deep presence, allows energy to flow freely and enhanced levels of intimacy will follow. In this week’s blog, our expert team discuss tantric touch in depth.


What is Tantric Touch?

Tantric derives from the word tantra, which means ‘the pulse of life’. Tantra is an Eastern philosophy that includes several spiritual concepts. It’s these principles which are applied during tantric massage. This can include breathwork, meditation, energy work and other spiritual practices that work to increase sexual energy.

The tantric touch involves nurturing the recipients mind, body and soul through different techniques to receive ultimate fulfilment and relaxation. Tantric touch can feel erotic and sensual, giving you a chance to release tension and truly succumb to a higher power.


Personal Transformation

Tantric touch allows you to be conscious in a moment and aware of your own body. Using the core principles of Tantra, a tantric massage manipulates the body through touch and sensation to induce a deep state of relaxation, sensuality and sexual liberation.

Lay back and relax as your skin is caressed and pressure points explored. This allows you true release from the day-to-day stresses. If you consistently find yourself anxious, uptight or unmotivated, tantric massage can transform how your feel about yourself and your surroundings. This, in turn, can have a profound impact on your personal and professional life. From a calmer state of mind and a better understanding of your body, to knowing how to release emotion, the benefits are countless.


A Better Sex Life

Importantly, tantric touch can positively impact your sex life. For those who find intimacy difficult, tantric techniques can help to break down any mental and physical blocks. Instead of holding back and suppressing emotion, you will be able to embrace your experience.

Tantric touch is about honesty and honouring the body, mind and soul. It’s about communicating through touch and emotion and letting erotic energy flow throughout the body. This can help to strengthen the bond in a relationship. The more we touch with total acceptance and appreciation, the more we heal and learn to be present throughout intimacy and pleasure.


All Important Connection

Tantric massage is a powerful exercise in intimacy which dissolves physical boundaries and leaves you focused on sensation. As with all forms of massage, tantric touch is a great way to relieve tension and address any energy blockages that exist within you and/or your partnership.

Tantric massage allows you intense reconnection with your sexual energy. If you’re looking to strengthen the bond in your relationship, tantric massage can be experienced as a couple. Likewise, if you’d rather enjoy solo, you can open the gates to new sensuality, ready to show your partner at home.


Dark Massage Tantric Touch

At Dark Massage, our masseuses have a therapeutic and tantalising approach when it comes to our unique tantric touch experience. If you’re looking for an introduction into the world of erotic massage, this option is perfect for you.

We start by creating a very relaxing and calm atmosphere for our clients. Your masseuse will then slowly begin to touch and massage your whole body with her hands, experimenting with different pressures and touch techniques. Every part of your body will be nurtured and stroked with her hands, allowing you to experience the height of energised pleasure through hand to body contact.

We love to take personal requests into consideration, so be sure to discuss any preferences with your therapist prior to arriving. Our female professionals will work to bring you to a sensual tantric peak, leaving you euphoric.


Experience Our Tantric Massage London

From incall to outcall service, Dark Massage can accommodate whatever is most comfortable for you. For more information on our hours and prices, click here, or you can always head over to our FAQs page.

Our tantric massage therapists are ready and waiting to give you an erotic experience you’ll never want to end. Simply fill out our contact form, or call us on +447903812969. Discover the secret of our tantric touch massage today…