Lingam massage lead up with Dark Massage.

Curious to try lingam massage? At Dark Massage, our skilled female masseuses take pride and pleasure in offering the ultimate release for our male clientele. If you’ve always wanted to try this massage, but aren’t quite sure what to expect, our therapists can guide you through your bespoke session. This week, we take a closer look at the lingam massage and the benefits it can offer to men.


What Is Lingam Massage?

Stemming from tantric roots, the lingam massage primarily focuses on the penis and sexual energy around the male genitalia. Lingam is the Sanskrit word for penis, so the poignant massage areas include the penis, testicles, perineum, scrotum and even prostate.

Lingam is the male equivalent of the yoni massage. Recipients can expect an intimate and sensitive session, with the goal of releasing emotion, whilst harnessing sexual energy. The lingam technique falls under tantric massage therapy, which involves learning how to clear the mind, listen to the body and build up sexual energy to intensify feelings of pleasure.

Contrary to what we’re often told, the actual goal of a lingam massage isn’t always to orgasm; it’s more to create a meditative, holistic and erotic experience that celebrates the sensuality and masculinity combined.


Releasing the Stigma

A lingam massage allows escapism from the mundane day to day routine and offers a platform in which men can express their emotions. There is very much still a stigma when it comes to men. We’re told they must be strong, must provide and must show no emotion, as it can be seen as weakness and often looked down upon. These expectations are simply not realistic today. Every man needs to regularly release pent-up emotion and energy – it’s healthy and an essential human function. Lingam massage can significantly help with this through sexual, emotional and spiritual elevation, ensuring a more balanced personal and professional life.

The lingam technique is truly transformative to those who surrender to the process. It’s important to embrace all feelings that may arise throughout the duration, as this treatment is never just skin deep. The gentle strokes, sensations and pressure through the massage technique will cater to your bespoke requirements.

It’s completely normal to feel overcome with emotion during the process. There’s nothing to feel embarrassed about – at Dark Massage, we understand that for many men, this is a deeply personal and intimate experience, so we encourage our clients to truly let go during this time.


Ambience and Atmosphere

The correct set up will significantly enhance your lingam massage. Don’t worry, your masseuse will always come prepared to ensure the best experience possible for you. We ensure that every detail is covered for your comfort. This includes mood lightening, music, lubrication and essential oils, fragrance oils, a comfortable massage table and extra cushions. If there is anything else we can bring to ensure your comfort, just let us know before your massage.


Lingam Massage at Dark Massage

At Dark Massage, our lingam massage will allow you to switch off and enjoy infinite pleasure with your masseuse. This massage focuses on the male genitalia, so you can relax and lay on your back throughout the entire course of the massage. After showering, watch the masseuse while she takes you to the edge of pleasure with expert technique, hot oils, allowing you to climax at the end. You can also enjoy this experience via four hands, with two masseuses, if you think you can handle this.


The Benefits

There are countless benefits to frequent lingam massages. This tantric technique can give men the release they crave from a busy working life and hectic routine. Ensuring regular downtime for yourself is fundamental to your health and wellbeing. Just some of the benefits of this massage technique include:

  • Releasing tension and stress
  • Reducing anxiety
  • Improving emotional and mental wellbeing
  • Encouraging healing from past traumas
  • A better awareness and understanding of your body
  • More sensitivity around the male genitalia
  • Confidence with intimacy
  • A better sex life
  • Quality you time and an opportunity to relax


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